Online Pranayama Training Course


Prana is the vital component that sustains life. “Pran” mean bio-energy or the Life force and “ayama” means to control or regulation. So the meaning of pranayama is regulation of the breath. Or the practice of breath consciously.

The SMH meditation school, rishikesh India is glad to announce the first Pranayama Certification Course of its kind. The purpose of this Pranayama teacher training course is to provide practical as well as theoretical training in the ancient techniques of Pranayama together with its related Kriyas, Mudras, and asana practices according to traditional texts, verified and experienced by the great Masters, saints and sages of India.

The objective of completing this online pranayama training course in India is for students to become Pranayama teachers or to add this qualification to their existing Yoga or meditation skills or to taking the pranayama practices for their personal well-being to maintain physical, mental and emotional health.

Breath is life, Breath-work is very easy, simple and very effective tool to optimize mental, physical and emotional health.In online pranayama training courses use powerful breath workout and pranayama techniques to detoxify your body, balance hormones, boost immunity and energy, calm the mind, awaken your full potential and discover the true nature of the Self.

Breathing consciously is the essence of yoga or meditation practices as it assists us in connecting with the subtle energy within. It is through the breath that we are able to navigate different levels of consciousness. moreover, breathing consciously has a biological effect on our mental, emotional, and physical state.

Most people go through life without even being aware of how many breaths they take in one minute. Breathing of such people is generally slow and erratic.Online pranayama training course in India provides a full deep inhalations and prolong, exhalations which is experienced during a pranayam practice. You can practice anulome vilom,Ujjayi, Kapalbhatti, and Brahmari Pranyama.

When the mind is focused on the breath, the nervous system gets calm down, there is less stress on the body and it experiences better digestion and elimination. Regular practice of pranayama trains the lungs and improves the capacity of respiratory system immensely. It also helps to reduce one's appetite and keep the emotions and senses under control.

What You Will Learn Out Of This Pranayama Program

meditation-pointerParticipants will learn how to use a variety of yogic exercises to support breath work.

meditation-pointerTheory and practical aspects of pranayama

meditation-pointerSelected Asana as a pre-requisite to Pranayama

meditation-pointerBreathing work out for cleaning energy channels

meditation-pointer6 Traditional pranayama techniques

meditation-pointerBasic hands gesture for pranayama

meditation-pointerBasic kapalbhait practice & Breathing awareness

100 Hours online Meditation Teacher Training- Dates of the program - Ist and 15th of every month

US$ 250 per person or US$ 400 for couple

Non Refundable Advance Deposit: US$50 Single person, US$ 80 for couple


  • Online study and practice of Pranayama
  • 10 hours live video per week
  • 8 downloadable audio & PDF files
  • Daily mind-body cleansing exercise
  • Six Breathing & Pranayama techniques
  • video question- answer session
  • Online assessments and examination
  • Pranayama Certification on completion
  • Life time support


Anyone who bears normal health and not having any critical medical conditions or who wish to fulfill their thrust of learning pranayama from the Himalayan meditation teachers. If you are a Yoga teacher, a Therapist, life coach, guide, actors, doctors, social worker, healer or someone who wish to perform better in their profession with less struggle and strain. And also Those who wish to live a vibrant life full of prana energy, healthy body and a calm and serene mind with mental clarity and wisdom.

Training Program- Why with us?

Shree Mahesh Heritage is the first Meditation School of Rishikesh, where people from all over the world come to learn and experience the best passive and active Pranayama and Meditation techniques based on the ancient traditional ancient Vedic system of self-realization. Whether people come for becoming teacher or just wish to learn these practices for spiritual development, self transformation and their personal health, well-being.

With full respect and mutual sharing, our senior teacher and the team will help you, providing favorable situations, step by step practices, simple and natural self-practice-able techniques working on your physical, mental and emotional health with intellectual clarity. You will discover what you are deeply seeking, and will enjoy your learning and experience in a very comfortable, caring and joyful atmosphere naturally! What makes SMH a unique place in our multidimensional approach and long term experience and knowledge of Meditation, Yoga and ayurveda healing systems, linked together?

Benefits of The Course:

Regular practice of pranayama shows beneficial impacts upon respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system and endocrine system. It plays wonderful role in treating a great range of diseases like Headache, migraine, digestive disorders, skin problems, insomnia etc. It controls and relaxes the mind same time.

  • Pranayama ensures more oxygen to lungs and facilitates better functions of brain and body
  • Pranayama affects autonomous nervous system positively and calms the mind.
  • It relieves Stress, anxiety, Depression, and Hypertension.
  • It Improves blood circulation, burns excess fat & remove toxins,
  • It builds up self-confidence, strengthen will power and steady the mind.
  • It improves concentration and develops focused awareness in daily activities.
  • Regualr pranayama practice can extend life and deepen ones understanding to life