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    Our 300-hour Meditation teacher training course is a long term four weeks intensive program which has been designed to give you the knowledge, skills, experience and confidence

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About Us

Meditation Teacher Training India

SMH meditation school is open for all Indian and international tourists who wish to spend their vacation in the foothills of Himalayan at the sacred land of ancient saints, Holy river mother Ganga, Rishikesh, India and have passion to stay, study, practice and teaching meditation at international level.

SMH meditation school is the main meditation school of its own sort, conveying one of a kind meditation program for the Indian and remote nationals since 2012. The school follow the impressions of Vedic custom meditation and make them fit in present day way of life.

The school is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, the birthplace of Yoga and meditation, where meditation seekers have visited for centuries to be healed and to find peace and rejuvenation.

For western people, Yoga school in India mean, having a good training of physical postures. It is difficult for them to accept meditation as a major part of yoga practice. However, SMH meditation school believes in complete wellness for mind body and soul using the principles of traditional meditation in modern perspective.

Food is the vital aspect of meditation. As Veda consider the food as Brahma. Veda says, the way we eat and what we eat largely contributes to a healthy life and is an important part of wellness. We adapted the concept of Traditional Yoga and Ayurveda in food, respecting the north Indian vegetarian culture. At SMH the food is cooked with ayurvedic spices and herbs using seasonal vegetable and fruits which not only give a delicious taste but also helps the participants to practice and progress the meditation sadhana.

Aims and Objectives of Shree Mahesh Heritage Meditation Teacher Training school, Rishikesh, India

• To Impart Education and preparing in Yoga, Meditation and Vedic Science to elevating the Human awareness and accomplish supreme harmony and ecstasy.

• To accelerate Body’s own healing ability, using the science and technology of Meditation, Yoga, Nature cure, Ayurveda and ancient Indian Vedic knowledge to prevent, cure or reverse the physical, mental and emotional diseases and establishing a complete state of health and well-being.

• To direct research for advancing another way of life program which can spare the humankind from quick spreading present day way of life ailments utilizing the straightforward and handy procedures of Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, Nature fix arrangement of Vedic legacy.


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