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Discover your Inner Being for a Complete Well-being

Take charge of your health. Enhance physical energy, mental clarity, and emotional balance with our “Online personalize Video consultation” service. You will receive the practical, natural and easy to follow solutions for managing Life, improving spiritual practice, health, energy, focus, and restoring balance in day-to-day life without any extra strain or struggle. Through the blend of interactive Yogasana-pranayama-Meditation practices, Natural Life Healing treatments, yoga-ayurveda Diet, application of common ayurveda Herbs, we will look at the nature of mind-body, the roots of sufferings and the possibility of liberation from multiple life-related issues and common diseases on physical and mental well-being or removing the obstacles on the path of spiritual progress.

You will also gain exposure to the live philosophy of vedic healing and explore them as a live practice to meet challenges in work, business and life. You will receive knowledge, inspiration, easy to follow advice —to continue the exploration and practice of this ancient Indian Science well beyond your experience during this online meditation consultation

This session covers live video of theory and practice session of meditation, Basic principles and paths to balancing and uplifting energy, composition of human body and energy and

meditation-pointerNatural mind-body cleansing practices

meditation-pointerSimple exercise for energy clearing, balancing and uplifting

meditation-pointerUse of Ayurveda herbs for better health and well-being

meditation-pointerApplication of Vedic meditation teaching in daily life

meditation-pointerVedic Healing chants for mind, body and emotion

meditation-pointerQuestion- answer support

Consultation charges: 40 US$ (30 min. Session)

Personal counselling Reading and healing session: 200 US$ for 5 sessions of 45 min. each

Non Refundable Advance Deposit: US$ 40 per person


Ram started his yoga and spiritual practice with Vivekananda Hospital of Yogic & Para sciences, delhi, India. During his four years tenure with VHYP, he was initiated into Traditional Hatha Yoga practice. This acted as the foundation stone for his advance studies in the field of yoga science and spiritual world which led him to do a post graduate diploma in Yogic sciences from Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla (International Institute of Yogic research & development).

After completion of P.G. Diploma in 1992, he spent six years teaching yoga & naturopathy to diploma students at Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit University, New Delhi. Imparted theoretical and practical training, emphasizing on integration of traditional healing systems of yoga, naturopathy & ayurveda with modern medical approach.

At the same time, he was working with Krishna Dutt Health Centre for Yoga and Naturopathy, New Delhi, located in the same campus. he deeply experienced the power of human body to heal itself through holistic health systems. Here he developed the capability to analyse the body imbalances and its symptoms and how it adapts & responds to holistic health treatments.

By now he was ready to take on some big challenges and I got the chance by joining five star destinations Spa, “Ananda in the Himalayas” as head of yoga department and was responsible for all aspects related to yoga and spiritual healing for their international clients/guests.

There, he integrated their ongoing therapies with yoga and spiritual healing for treating stress related common ailments of guests for their mental and physical wellbeing and to help them feel more positive, happy in their daily life. Seeing his marvellous results on their guests, he was asked to move to “Shanti Ananda”, Resort Mauritius to establish a yoga team there with the same objectives and responsibility. After successfully completion of the project the Ram returned to India on December, 2008

After this, Ram spent his more than a year in delivering retreats, workshops and teacher training programs at worldwide destinations including India, Germany, France, Mauritius, China and Sri Lanka etc.

In India, he joined another pioneer yoga and naturopathy centre in India namely “Jindal Naturcure Institute” Bangalore city and enjoyed his services there as a Chief Yoga officer and Spiritual Healer working with a team of 20 Yoga people and 10 medical doctors of other discipline for guiding the patients and applying the principles of Yoga, meditation, Nature cure along with spiritual therapies to get rid of their ailments.

Now since 2012, Ram is working as a senior teacher with SMH meditation school, Rishikesh, India and heading the all residential teacher training programs for Meditation and spiritual aspirants.

Who Can Join This Session

  • Anyone who wish to perform better in their personal and profession life with least struggle and strain.
  • Those who wish to live more meaningful life with positive energy, mental clarity and carrying the attitude serving others
  • People who wish to transform themselves into a loving, caring and compassionate person,
  • People those wish to see better results in their spiritual practice or Sadhana,
  • People who wants to heal themselves through natural means of yoga, meditation or ayurveda
  • People who wish to work with their anxiety, anger, fear, phobia, frustration, depression and negativity.