Online Astrology Training Course


Astrology are supposed to be the eyes of The Veda. Astrology is the study of considering stars, their developments, connections, and their effect on individuals. As an individual takes birth on a specific date, time and spot, he/she gets the impacts of planetary situation in the sky around then. This influences one's mentality, body cosmetics, way of life, standpoint, profession, riches, and so on.There will be a whole lot of details in this online astrology training in india which will provide you inner depth in astrology.

The goal of the online astrology training in india is to bestow profound experiences and information on different parts of Vedic astrology in straightforward and straightforward language through our separation adapting seminar on Vedic astrology. In this manner, we offer an extensive and sorted out investigation material to astrology for fledglings to propel students.

In the online astrology courses, Ganesh Shastri shares his long stretches of study, preparing and self astrology practice and live involvement in Himalayana holy people, Gurus and astrology ace in a basic and compelling way which can be effectively in-participate in everyday life.

What You Will Learn Out Of This Astrology Program

meditation-pointerVedic Vastu Shastra

meditation-pointerVedic Astrology

meditation-pointerEnergy systems of temples, parts of development and energies for temples,

meditation-pointerEnergy Vastu Science, Tools and instruments for energy measurements

meditation-pointer Pyramid, concept, evolution and source of energy

meditation-pointerGems and Crystal properties, effect

Single Occupancy US$ 250 per person or US$ 400 for couple

Non Refundable Advance Deposit: US$100 Single person, US$ 160 for couple

The Online Astrology Course Includes:

  • One audio on Introduction and basics to astrology
  • Six audio of astrology techniques for practice
  • Practical teachings on how and when to practice
  • An audio with question answers
  • A pictorial chart of astrology exercises references of concerning books.

Astrology Training India – who can join

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary

Those who want to reduce stress & anxiety and achieve greater peace of mind

Those interested in learning about astrology, self improvement, and self healing

Existing healers who want to integrate astrology, or its techniques, into their existing practice

Energy Healers

Reiki Students and Practitioners

Massage Therapists

Other Natural Healers

Astrology Teacher Training India- Why in Rishikesh?

India is rich in sacred destinations, traditions, and spiritual knowledge. Rishikesh, the home of enlightened sages and saints, is one of them. It is the birthplace of yoga, a popular town to come and meditate and learn about other aspects of spiritualism. It’s situated on the banks of the Ganges River, surrounded by hills on three sides in Uttarakhand state. This mecca for yoga aspirants and astrology seekers makes it easy for students and teachers to be focused and grounded.

  •  We are located in the holy city of Rishikesh, Tapovan (which means a place for Tapa or Sadhana or astrology), surrounded by the beautiful view of foothills of Himalayas.
  • We are just at 2 minutes walking distance from Tapovan main market and 10 minutes Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula, the famous bridge over the Ganga river.
  • We are the first astrology school; in the service of “astrology teaching training program” uniquely since 2012 have certified hundreds of astrology teachers and many of them are working in their respective countries successfully.
  • you have 200 hours program against 20 days duration, means, more hours for learning and practicing on and off the class room.
  • A committed, devoted and dedicated team of astrology teachers, professors, and masters.

Benefits of The Course:

Through your studies and practice, you will gain:

  • Personal well-being plus more clarity, positivity, and peace in life
  • Experience around 12-15 astrology techniques and their applications,
  • confidence, creativity, willingness and an entrepreneurial spirit
  • a clear understanding of core principles of astrology techniques, popular in East & West.
  • The ability to teach these contemporary, secular astrology techniques in group or private settings,
  • comparative study of different astrology trends, traditions, and techniques, resulting in finding the most suitable astrology techniques for your personal practice and hence helping the others in the same as a astrology teacher.

The course is designed in such a way that the student will get a complete picture of astrology, knowing well how to begin, move and progress to achieve the ultimate state of astrology with the signs and symptoms of each stage.